Your real estate decisions could also affect your mental health, studies show

It’s easy to understand how real estate decisions and mental health can go together. The sense of home is important to many. If you buy a good home that can make you feel better. On the other hand selling your home can make you sad. There is also a lot of money involved in real estate and money can change your mental state. Money does matter. If you don’t have enough of it life an be harder and more stressful. Stress takes its toll on mental health.

Key Takeaways:

  • where you live can effect your mental health. such as cold or warm climates can impact your mood
  • suicide rates are higher in rural areas, double what they are in urban areas.
  • The US has a lower rate of depression than other countries, it is most likely affected by diseases, military conflict and other factors such as family life.

“Studies on location and depression are at best mixed, and they are often directly contradictory.”

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