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we have put our effort to ensure that we deliver to our client needs..there we are introducing new ways towards achieving our goals .we have therefore e been listed as among the best compared to our other competitors in the industry.this will not affect most of our clients. the new idea is to attract more clients from large organizations.on this note kindly check your emails for more details about our new ideas and how we will work towards achieving them.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you were on a premium plan, your current limits will be protected until the end of your current subscription period!
  • Please check your email (registered in Inoreader) later today for complete communication regarding the new plans and what will happen to your current plan and price!
  • I’m a pro user since the summer 2016 and this decision coincides with the skyrocketing of their alexa rank for the first time it jumped from 2500+ to under 2300, let’s see how this decisions affects i

“That is why as of today, we are releasing completely new plans which we modelled by analyzing our users’ aggregate data in 2018.”

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