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The company Inoreader is sending out a community message to let users or subscribers know that due to the companies growth & usage they are making changes. They will be working with larger companies, and adding more abilities than just RSS features. One for example now being a content hub. This will result in plan and price changes. Plans will remain the same until the date of change in Feb 2019. Announcement gave notice to read the information sent in an email for users to see what their new plans features and prices would entail.

Key Takeaways:

  • That there is a link providing detailed and informative information on new pricing information.
  • That 90% of the user base of the website will be effected by the pricing and membership changes.
  • Over a month ago, the company informed it’s loyal and heavy users of the upcoming changes and updates.

“We decided to provide offers that reflect actual usage and will leave roughly 90% of our users completely unaffected in their daily Inoreader use.”

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