July 4th Celebrations at the River

Free Ice Cream at Morningstar Marina!  Saturday – Sunday, July 1 – 2 Treat yourself to complimentary ice cream in celebration of the holiday weekend! Free Vessel Safety Checks Saturday, July 1  Make sure your boat is ready for summer boating with a free vessel safety check at the marina this weekend. Mathews Fireworks Display... Continue Reading

Cowork Gloucester VA to host Launch Event

Cowork Gloucester Va is hosting a launch event for local entrepreneurs. This event is a chance to bring local entrepreneurs together for networking possibilities as well as being put in front of local and regional business experts. This launch event provides the opportunity to network with local entrepreneurs get expert advise form the Cowork Gloucester... Continue Reading

How to Make Chilled Strawberry Soup

Chilled strawberry soup might not be you thing, but this recipe might change your mind. It is sweet and tart, memorable to guests as it looks impressive, incredibly easy to make, and little cleanup. This recipe is a slight twist on the classic, adding a little resiling and plain Greek yogurt. Process three cups of... Continue Reading

Best Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

It is important for the future health of your skin to take steps to protect it from the sun, whenever you go outside. Remember, firstly, that not all sunscreens are created equal– pay attention while selecting a brand and style. Make sure, too, to apply a generous amount to any exposed area of skin whenever... Continue Reading

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is

A website that promotes tourism in Virginia has a feature about the use of melons during the upcoming summer season. The feature states that besides cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon, there are a variety of other types available. Examples include Casaba, Persian, and wintermelon. The feature cites a chef who prefers not to do much beyond... Continue Reading

A Time for Tomatoes

A Time for Tomatoes

A website that promotes tourism in Virginia has issued a feature on tomatoes. The feature notes that Virginia is seventh in U.S.tomato production. The writer of the feature creates a meal with four courses incorporating the tomato. The writer details recipes for a salad, an appetizer, a soup, and an entree. A professional color photo... Continue Reading

10 Best Crab Shacks on the Chesapeake Bay

Find Coastal Living’s Ten Best Chesapeake blue-crab shacks here! Highlighting ten places between the states of Virginia and Maryland, he author set the scene of each eatery so beautifully that the pictures given almost aren’t needed! Each description has a short list of menu items, from soups to sandwiches. All revolve around the star dish;... Continue Reading

Despite Higher Home Prices, More Americans Say It’s a Good Time to Buy

A website that covers real estate trends reports on a recently conducted government survey on buying homes. The survey reports that 62% of its respondents feel it is a good time to buy a home, versus 60% a year ago. The survey posed questions to 1,000 individuals. A researcher for the government agency attributed the... Continue Reading

Home Sales Expected to Soar Through 2018: What Buyers Need to Know

A website for the real estate industry has issued a feature predicting the number of home sales to continue to rise through 2018. A nationwide realtor group forecasts that home sales will go up by 3.5% this year, and 2.8% in 2018. The high demand for homes is attributed to new jobs and increased confidence... Continue Reading

15 Best Things to Do on Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay is a lovely area just full of history and heritage. There are also many things to do there. The best fifteen are mentioned here. If you are planning a vacation to this area you can use this as a guide so you can plan activities. It’s better than just randomly choosing activities. If... Continue Reading